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Celebrities who Champion Brownfield Projects - Dave Bing: Getting the Ball Rolling on Detroit’s Riverfront

Dave Bing may have divested himself from Detroit’s Watermark condo project when he threw his hat into the city’s mayoral ring this fall, but he’s made his mark in brownfield circles nonetheless. The former Detroit Pistons basketball player helped jumpstart major riverfront development on a former cement plant site when he announced plans for his high-end condominium project in 2006. “...We [Detroit] happen to be [a city] that has an almost totally undeveloped riverfront downtown,” Bing said in an Hour Detroit magazine article in July 2007. “I think it’s the most valuable property that the City of Detroit has. What’s important on the riverfront is that people have access to it.” But access was the last thing most residents wanted when the Motor City’s riverfront was an industrial wasteland harboring three mammoth cement silo complexes. In 2003, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick responded to citizen concerns about redeveloping the riverfront by establishing…Log In to Read Full Article

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