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Developing a Vision in Oakland

Case Study Overview A grand opening was held September to celebrate a well-conceived, well-executed brownfield project in the “other” City by the Bay—Oakland, Calif. The Uptown project today consists of 665 apartments, 9,000 square feet of retail space and a new public park. The development symbolizes what cities, together with private developers, can accomplish with brownfield sites when all parties are interested in smart-growth and urban in-fill development. The Uptown project represented a joint venture between Forest City Enterprises, Inc. and San Francisco based MacFarlane Partners. Both firms have strong San Francisco Bay Area ties, and a long-standing history of partnerships. Cleveland-based Forest City has extensive experience developing complex, urban developments, and a great deal of expertise with brownfield remediation. The city of Oakland formed a public-private partnership with Forest City, with the city agreeing to expense for the streetscape, a new park and brownfield remediation. The project area was…Log In to Read Full Article

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