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Sustainable Infrastructure Slated for Navy Yard at Noisette

FACTS: Name: Powerhouse Basin, First Phase of Navy Yard Infrastructure Project Size: 70 Acres (340 acres for entire Navy Yard redevelopment) Estimated Cost: $40 million public-private investment is being made by The Noisette Company, LLC, in partnership with the City of North Charleston, S.C., for first phase infrastructure improvements. Ultimately, infrastructure costs are expected to exceed $165 million, as part of the overall sustainable revitalization of the historic area. Costs are covered by a special Tax Increment Financing District, which allows issuance of municipal bonds to be paid off by future property taxes. Location: Navy Yard at Noisette, on the northern end of the former U.S. Naval Base in North Charleston, S.C. Current status: Slated to begin in 2009 the basin’s design, engineering and construction documents, including all municipal permits, are completed. As of January 2009, six construction firms bid and three finalists have been selected. Project Team: The Noisette…Log In to Read Full Article

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Developing a Vision in Oakland

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