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Tieing up the Threads—The Pieces of Textile Manufacturing

Spinning Turning fibers into thread or yarn has relatively low environmental impacts—most wastes are the fibers themselves, or cuttings. Like most parts of the textile industry, the spinning process is made up of many other steps and these operations may use hazardous chemicals. Buhler Yarns Photo Louis Pannel These can include alkaline solutions (usually sodium hydroxide) used to remove oils, and impurities from yarns and dyes and tints used to color yarn and thread and the chemicals involved in the dyeing process. Knitting and Weaving As with the spinning process weaving is generally environmentally friendly. Wastes produced are mainly fabric scraps, waste yarn or thread.Some weaving operations also include some aspects of the finishing process and therefore can include the use of VOCs, BODs, cleaning solvents, and sizing chemicals. Cotton Inc. Photo These wastes tend to be treated onsite at large mills and through municipal wastewater treatment systems at smaller…Log In to Read Full Article

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US & Canadian Marketwatch (1Q 2008)

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Water, Water Everywhere?

While in the following pages I will recount a number of serious localized water shortages, I can tell you at the outset, this will not be another gloom-and-doom scenario to which you are treated daily in your local and national news sources. Now, in my 54th year of professional effort… Read more

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