• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

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From Galvanized Steel to Greensgrow Garden: An Urban Fairy-Tale With a Green Ending

To call Mary Seton-Corboy a “gardener” is like calling Christopher Columbus a “sailor”: an accurate, yet vastly understated job description. Just over 10 years ago, when most saw this trash-strewn property in Philadelphia's Kensington section overgrown with weeds and contaminated with who-knows-what, Corboy saw the perfect location for the green space of her dreams. In 1998, Corboy, a chef at the time, was in search of a plot of land upon which she could grow produce for herself and other like-minded restaurateurs looking for locally grown greens. While there were plenty of properties available, only a handful were affordable. And of that handful was the least likely candidate for a garden: A former Superfund site where a steel galvanizing plant once operated, leaving soils so contaminated that EPA was called to the scene to address immediate health threats in 1993. EPA responders excavated contaminated soils and back-filled the area with…Log In to Read Full Article

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