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Small Towns Beget Big Payoffs

There are a lot of impressive numbers in the new report, "The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Wisconsin's Brownfields Investments." For example, the study, prepared by University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Fiscal and Economic Research Center and Redevelopment Economics, indicates that the state's $121 million investment in cleanup and redevelopment of brownfields has produced: Cleanup. 4,713 acres of contaminated land was assessed and/or cleaned up; Redevelopment. 3,393 acres (72 percent of the total acreage) has been redeveloped with 28.2 million square feet of space; New investment. That state's investment, coupled with local government investments and federal assistance to brownfields, has generated $3.3 billion in direct total investment (or $6 billion direct and indirect investment) in completed and underway brownfield projects. Permanent jobs. There were a total of 29,900 direct new and retained permanent jobs (or 54,500 direct and indirect jobs) generated in assisted complete/underway brownfields projects. Temporary construction jobs. There were 27,900…Log In to Read Full Article

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