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Toledo's 'Economic Heart' Is Beating Once Again

Toledo has always been an auto town, making car parts ranging from Champion Sparkplugs to Libby-Owens-Ford windshields. Toledo's most iconic auto manufacturing product was the US military Jeep, started by Willys-Overland Co. Ownership passed to Kaiser, then AMC, then Chrysler and now Fiat, as the brand was commercialized. Over the past 40 years the city of Toledo, state of Ohio and the United Auto Workers union have mounted several efforts and each time gathered incentives to keep Jeep manufactured in Toledo. In late 2015 Jeep announced that the Wrangler and a new Wrangler based pick-up truck will be built in the North Toledo plant on Stickney Ave., with no future need for the long closed South Plant. In the late 1950s this plant employed approximately 25,000 workers, many of whom lived nearby. It was often said that when Detroit caught cold, Toledo sneezed. While Toledo has not gone bankrupt, the…Log In to Read Full Article

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