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Chicago TOD Strategies: Sum Of Parts Equal, Greater Than The Whole

Often times when we think of the concept of transit-oriented development (TOD), it's the "development" portion of the term that gets the most focus. While transit is the impetus for the concept, just read a series of news articles regarding TOD and one comes away thinking development is the driving force, with transit being just a benefit of the neighborhood. That's not to say development isn't important, because it is critical to creating housing units, businesses, jobs and other opportunities in the neighborhood. Moreover, development has a crucial responsibility to advance transformative change in the neighborhood that enhances livability for residents, vitality of businesses and overall prosperity of the community. As described below, a successful TOD will be predicated upon the interplay of three core elements: (1) development; (2) transit; and (3) transit-friendly amenities. A development must consider more than just what's contained within its property lines. The context of…Log In to Read Full Article

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