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Goats for New Growth: Community Orchard Arises in the Rose City

For at least 20 years, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ's) Cleanup program has addressed brownfield sites across the state, often working in partnership with sister state agencies, local governments, non-profits, and community groups. In addition, ODEQ collaborates with the brownfields team at EPA Region 10 in Seattle on a variety of projects, including those funded through an EPA grant to ODEQ. These are called "site-specific assessments," or SSAs, which have a flexible structure but usually consist of sampling, technical assistance/outreach and reporting. SSAs are designed to promote site reuses that enhance the health of community members—in all ways that word is defined. An underserved area that ODEQ and its partners have focused on in recent years is outer east Portland, which has low family incomes and other environmental justice concerns, including a lack of park space and little availability of locally grown, nutritious food. In this mostly residential…Log In to Read Full Article

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Municipal Regulation of Land Cleanup:An Idea Whose Time has Come

It occurs disproportionately in low income neighborhoods where its damaging impacts are most debilitating, contributing to disinvestment and a downward economic and social spiral. It results in greater exposure to environmental toxins for already disadvantaged citizens. In sum, vacant contaminated land—commonly called brownfields—is a profound but largely unrecognized source of… Read more

City of Chicago Redevelopment Initiatives: Motor Row Study

The city of Chicago has a distinguished urban planning and design history and employs an advanced planning and development department to implement the city’s planning and redevelopment objectives. Chicago has long utilized the state of Illinois’ legislation allowing the creation of tax increment financing districts, or “TIFs, to effectuate these… Read more

An Upscale Coffee Shop That Doesn’t Jibe with Regular Joe

We have long chronicled stories at Renewal and Redevelopment about urban gentrification cases of the most visceral kind: Those cases where residents are displaced, banished to start anew in places they do not and have never called home. Gentrification “Lite” is when local residents aren’t forced to leave, but are… Read more

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