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How Carbon Offsets Increase Corporate Sustainability

Has your company or organization invested in carbon offsets? Carbon offsets are proving an incredibly important tool for companies that want to reduce the impact of their own carbon footprint. An offset is achieved through the funding of a "green project" to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases (e.g. nitrous oxide and methane) in the earth's atmosphere in order to compensate for or diminish the impact of emissions made through other projects. The end goal of this initiative is to achieve an overall reduction in carbon emissions over time, supporting the move to a lower carbon economy, through the funding of a significant number of "green projects." A certificate is awarded representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of greenhouse gas emissions. Improving Sustainability Story The funding of carbon offsets can serve to achieve far more than simply reduce a company's carbon footprint. They can…Log In to Read Full Article

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