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Public–Private Collaboration in Economic Development and Displacement

What is the relationship between economic development and human displacement—or homelessness? How, if at all, does one interact with the other? I've researched the subject (lightly) and while it isn't difficult to obtain information on homeless population size and geography, trends in data that establish causality is less easily located, and when discovered is usually qualitative and, to degrees, anecdotal. With this qualification, it's probably not unreasonable to assume that in certain geographies a fierce and sudden influx of money and development can beget displacement. And in other geographies, the newly relocated now living in tents or vehicles can impede revitalization, as the arrangement, sanitation and safety of encampments make impediments for entities seeking locations to deploy their investment capital or sustain an existing business. In places where the relocated populations are largest (temperate climates with greater access to social services and benefits) the affect is visually obvious: Camps grow…Log In to Read Full Article

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