• Renewable Energy Trifecta: the Tale of Two Cities and a Utility

  • Renewable Energy Trifecta: the Tale of Two Cities and a Utility

  • Renewable Energy Trifecta: the Tale of Two Cities and a Utility


Renewable Energy Trifecta: the Tale of Two Cities and a Utility

The Desert Star Solar Plant, located on the city of Phoenix SR-85 Landfill in Arizona, is demonstrative of the multifaceted benefit potential derived from utilizing solar development as a viable land reuse alternative. The 10 megawatt power plant, located on 118 acres of land within the landfill, is the result of a growing trend of public-private partnerships aimed at promoting renewable energy development.In its original agreement with the City of Buckeye, the City of Phoenix agreed to develop 160 acres of parks, open space and water retention basins on the 2,652 acre landfill. An amended contract between the City of Phoenix and the City of Buckeye for the landfill site facilitated the development of the project, while a lease agreement between the City of Phoenix and local public utility Arizona Public Service (APS), facilitate the construction, commissioningand operation of the plant.The amended agreement allows Phoenix to lease the land to…Log In to Read Full Article

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