• Peabody, Mass.: Motivation for Redevelopment

  • Peabody, Mass.: Motivation for Redevelopment


Peabody, Mass.: Motivation for Redevelopment

A former leather tannery site transformed into beautiful park with sustainable features Public greenspace for a community of all incomes & ages. The result is East End Veterans Memorial Park. The City of Peabody, Mass. encompasses 16 square miles of land and currently maintains a population of approximately 51,000 residents. For nearly a century the city was one of the primary leathery manufacturing centers in the country. Industry grew rapidly along the major waterways in the downtown, and by 1915 the city had been nicknamed the “leather capital of the world.” Unfortunately, by the mid-20th century industrial uses on these waterways fell into serious decline. As time has passed, Peabody has been very successful at growing and expanding its economy into other parts of the city, but the downtown has somewhat languished behind due in part to the numerous vacant, underutilized and contaminated properties left in the wake of their…Log In to Read Full Article

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