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February 2009

President Obama Gears Up for ‘Green & Brown’ Vision
Brownfield Briefs
President Obama Gears Up for ‘Green & Brown’ Vision

If the first 40 days following the Presidential election are a precursor of things to come, the first 100 days of President Barack Obama’s administration could serve as the dawning of a new era that will benefit brownfields. Obama has made indications that the “greening of brownfields” is part of…Read more

Sustainable Infrastructure Slated   for Navy Yard at Noisette
Case Study
Sustainable Infrastructure Slated for Navy Yard at Noisette

FACTS: Name: Powerhouse Basin, First Phase of Navy Yard Infrastructure Project Size: 70 Acres (340 acres for entire Navy Yard redevelopment) Estimated Cost: $40 million public-private investment is being made by The Noisette Company, LLC, in partnership with the City of North Charleston, S.C., for first phase infrastructure improvements. Ultimately,…Read more

Count on It...

$2.6 million in job training grants geared toward cleaning up Brownfields is being awarded by the EPA’s Brownfields Program and will be shared among 13 communities in 12 states. *   450,000 estimated number of America’s abandoned and contaminated waste sites. *  Read more

Feature Focus
NE States Join Forces in Fight Against Carbon Emissions

Last fall, the Regional Green-house Gas Initiative (RGGI), a cooperative effort by 10 Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states, went live as the first mandatory, market-based CO2 emissions reduction program in the U.S. The 10-state RGGI agreement consists of participation from Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
Environmental Insurance: The Brownfield Connection

Despite the financial uproar in the insurance world last fall, brownfield developers appear to have little to fear among the major environmental insurance carriers. “There are a lot of very strong, financially secure providers in environmental insurance,” said Ken Cornell, executive vice president of JCH Environmental Insurance Brokers in New…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
US & Canadian Marketwatch (4Q 2008)

Providing you with useful market data at-a-glance: US Metropolitan Office Market What’s Hot   What’s Not Vacancy Rates Vacancy Rates ManhattanRead more

Legislative Briefs
The 111th Congress Begins Formidable Task

Congress is off to a tumultuous start, grappling with controversial procedural issues as well as an economy in crisis. Typically, a new Congress spends much of its first month in organizational and pro forma sessions. The new 111th Congress is diving right into substantive and controversial legislative deliberations. Advocates of…Read more

Don’t Leave Environmental Cost Recovery Claims On The Table

Remarkably, viable environmental cost recovery claims— recovering brownfield remediation costs from the parties responsible for the contamination—are frequently not pursued, leaving substantial funding resources untapped. Understanding where cost recovery may be viable can turn a marginal deal into an attractive one, and transform a losing project into a profitable one.…Read more

How to Select Vapor Mitigation Strategies for Contaminated Site Construction

More frequently, development is occurring at sites having subsurface contamination. When volatile or semi-volatile contaminants are present, the potential for migration of those compounds to interior spaces must be considered and addressed. Two general types of mitigation measures have been utilized extensively in California over the last several years. These…Read more

Practicing What They Preach

As recognized industry leaders in brownfields redevelopment, Hemisphere Development LLC and Hull & Associates, Inc. have assisted with the redevelopment of hundreds of former abandoned and underutilized industrial properties around the country. This combined experience and expertise recently led Hemisphere and Hull to join forces on a collaborative project to…Read more

Regional Report

The Southwest region spreads out over a vast area that is sometimes called the “wide open spaces.” Petroleum has brought the region most of its wealth, as the region consists of large deposits of petroleum and natural gas, as well as various other minerals. In the 1900s, refineries and petrochemical…Read more

Regional Report
Southwest: Albuquerque Downtown @ 700-2nd

LOCATION: Corner of Lomas and 2nd St., Albuquerque, New Mexico.   SIZE: 1 acre SITE BACKGROUND: Built adjacent to a superfund site called the Fruit Avenue Plume, the New Mexico Environment Dept.’s Remediation Oversight Section provided SHC-NM with over $20,000 in environmental services to ensure the property was safe for…Read more

Regional Report
Southwest: Marina Gateway Hotel

LOCATION: Bay Marina Drive, Harbor DistrictNational City, Calif. SIZE: 6.5 acres. SITE BACKGROUND: The site had been an undocumented landfill, slaughter house and auto dismantler until 1999 when it was acquired through eminent domain by the National City Community Development Commission. FEATURES:The project will open in June 2009, including a…Read more

Regional Report
Southwest: Old Fort Lowell Restoration

LOCATION: Tucson, Ariz. SIZE: 5.5 acres SITE BACKGROUND: Between 1873 and 1891, the site was a supply base for the U.S. Army “Apache Campaigns.” In 2006, the city of Tucson acquired the property through a land swap and is partnering with Pima County to use bond funds to implement historic…Read more

Regional Report
Southwest: People

Barbara Rauch environmental attorney, Office of General Counsel, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) With an emphasis in remediation of contaminated properties in the Superfund and Brownfields programs, Rauch functions as more than a program attorney. Through her deep understanding of the legal issues, she assists program staff identify innovative…Read more

Regional Report
Southwest: Plaza Pacoima Shopping Center

LOCATION: Los Angeles SIZE: 25 acres. SITE BACKGROUND: Owned by Price Pfister Inc. (a subsidiary of Black and Decker Inc.), site was used as a factory for plumbing fixtures from the 1950s until 1996 when the factory was moved to Mexico, eliminating hundreds of jobs from the community. In 2001, Price…Read more

Regional Report
Southwest: Policy

Arizona Within the Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality´s Voluntary Remediation Program/Cleanups, property owners, prospective purchasers and other interested parties can investigate or clean up a contaminated site in cooperation with ADEQ. VRP results in a streamlined process for program participants, who work with a single point of contact at ADEQ…Read more

Regional Report
Southwest: Skirvin Hilton Hotel

LOCATION: 1 Park Ave., Oklahoma City, Okla. SIZE: 1.45 acres, of which 250,600 sq. ft. comprise the building’s footprint. SITE BACKGROUND: Hotel opened in 1911 and was one of the first buildings in Oklahoma City to have air conditioning. It had two 10-story towers containing 224 rooms. The hotel was…Read more

Regional Report
Southwest: The Boulevards at South Bay

LOCATION: Located at the former CalCompact Landfill site at 20400 Main Street. Carson, Calif. SIZE: 168 acres. SITE BACKGROUND: The developers, LNR Property Corp. and Hopkins Real Estate Group, plan to develop the site into 1.25 million square feet of retail shops, up to 1,500 For-Sale and For-Rent residential units,…Read more

State of Practice
NEBA: A Sure Route to Environmental Remediation

On any journey through unfamiliar terrain the experienced traveler checks the map early and often. On extended sojourns, especially those through lands that change in appearance but gradually, the re-checking of the plan grows less reflexive. The novice traveler may keep the map in the backpack and walk without thinking,…Read more

State of Practice
Small Landfills—Big Re-development Opportunities

Smaller closed landfills (30 to 100 acres), present redevelopment opportunity for recreational, residential, institutional, and commercial uses due to their location. In addition these sites may qualify for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction aspects and brownfield redevelopment aspects with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programs. Historically, smaller landfills have…Read more

State of Practice
So What are Green Jobs?

The talk in Washington and around the country is about the development of “green jobs” within a “green economy.” Green jobs mean something different to whomever is using the term. Trying to find a consistent definition was fruitless, so it’s instructive to apply some framework around the topic. The U.S.…Read more

Charleston Taxi is Lean & Green

Hotel valet doorman—when they are not assisting hotel guests or parking vehicles—have some “down time” to make observations about the vehicles that populate the city streets. Chris Nichols and A.J. Franklin were convinced that something was missing on the streets of Charleston, S.C.: A “green” taxi service. As such, the…Read more

Women on the Move

Jessica Brandt brownfield team member, state of Washington, Dept. of Ecology’s Toxics Cleanup Program Brandt’s interest in brownfields was sparked during her time at Vermont Law School, where she was earning her master’s in environmental law and policy. With an undergraduate major in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Superior, she…Read more

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