• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


April 2009

In Oklahoma, A Blessed Groundbreaking to ‘Serve Everyone’
Brownfield Briefs
In Oklahoma, A Blessed Groundbreaking to ‘Serve Everyone’

What do dynamic cultural exhibitions, spectacular native architecture, an oral history theater, and a dynamic family visitor center have in common? They are just some of the core components of one of Oklahoma’s most ambitious and cutting-edge projects to date. The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum (AICCM), a 125,000-square…Read more

Sustainable, Mixed-Use Aerotropolis A Real High-Flying Achievement
Case Study
Sustainable, Mixed-Use Aerotropolis A Real High-Flying Achievement

FACTS: Name: Aerotropolis Atlanta Project Size: 130 Acres Estimated Cost: $1.5 billion Location: Former Ford Atlanta Assembly Plant at the juncture of: The country’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, serving more than 90 million passengers last year, and its proposed international terminal; City of Hapeville and Atlanta along Interstate…Read more

Count on It...

$211 million of funding available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 to help create jobs for redevelopment nationwide and protect communities and the environment from diesel emissions*   $5 million estimated amount under the ARRA that Brownfield…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
2009 Market Outlook: Insurance Fixed-Priced Cleanups

After a tumultuous year of financial market collapse and insurance corporations seeking government assistance, the brownfield industry might feel uncertain about the future of cleanups, specifically Insurance Fixed-Priced Cleanups (IFCs). But, the outlook is not as grim as you might think. We’re finding the IFC and risk-transfer market has grown…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
With the New EPA, New Day Dawns for Brownfields

The site was the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The introduction speech was delivered by Blake Jones, CEO of Namaste Solar, a Boulder, Colo.-based solar electricity company. In February, Jones had the honor of introducing President Barack Obama as the new commander-in-chief prepared to sign the 2009 Economic Recovery…Read more

Legislative Briefs
As Stimulus Bill Passes, What's in Store for Brownfields?

On February 17, President Obama signed the $789 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (H.R. 1) into law, following final Congressional passage. House and Senate conferees moved with considerable, and unusual, speed to finalize the stimulus bill—reaching agreement on February 13, despite considerable differences in the two versions. The agreement…Read more

Brownfields Sustainability Pilots: It's A Green, New World

Green Roofs in Boston. Solar power in Houston. Green jobs in Portland. Recycled mills in Alabama. Sustainable design in Laredo. What do these have in common? They are EPA Brownfields Sustainability Pilots. The push for all things green and sustainable has been welcomed in the revitalization world, where reuse is…Read more

William McDonough: Cradle to Cradle Sustainability

All sustainability, like all politics, is local. Those are the words of William McDonough, a veteran of the green architecture movement and a man who sees the new Obama administration as a harbinger of the sea change going on in sustainable development. "It's critical to have a large-scale strategy for the…Read more

Regional Report

There's trouble in many a Midwestern river city, as manufacturers pull out of town and leave behind unemployment and contaminated industrial sites. But the heartland states are taking advantage of their flexible brownfield funding options to help remediate contaminated land and create jobs at the same time. "There are a…Read more

Regional Report
Midwest: Grand Landing

LOCATION: South channel of the Grand River in Grand Haven, Mich. PROPOSED USE: luxury and loft-style condominiums and two-story residences, hotel, convention center, outdoor amphitheatre, restaurants, retail stores and service businesses. SITE BACKGROUND: The site was used throughout its history for manufacturing, as a tannery, for furniture making, as a…Read more

Regional Report
Midwest: Harley-Davidson Museum Complex

LOCATION: East end of the Menomonee Valley area of Milwaukee PROPOSED USE: The museum features exhibit space as well as a restaurant, retail shop, meeting space and special events facilities. SITE BACKGROUND: The land was formerly owned by the city of Milwaukee and the Morton Salt Co. Contamination included chloride…Read more

Regional Report
Midwest: Major Tool & Machine Co. Inc.

LOCATION: 20th Street and Dr. Andrew J. Brown Avenue, Indianapolis PROPOSED USE:expansion for manufacturing plant SITE BACKGROUND: A variety of manufacturing operations had been on the site for more than 100 years, including Atlas Engine Works and Ertel Manufacturing Corp. In 2002 Ertel closed, and the site became a public…Read more

Regional Report
Midwest: People

Susan Erickson, Chief, Environmental Stewardship Grants and Loans Unit, Environmental Science and Services Division, Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, Lansing Erickson is a 28-year veteran of the DEQ who added the brownfields grant program to her job responsibilities in 2004 when the department was reorganized. Last year the program had…Read more

Regional Report
Midwest: Policy

Illinois The state Bureau of Land's Office of Brownfields Assistance manages the brownfields grant and loan programs and offers technical support to communities through the services of its brownfields representatives. Brownfields representatives work directly with communities to explain cleanup options, regulatory programs and requirements and guide municipalities through the brownfields…Read more

Regional Report
Midwest: RiverEdge Park

LOCATION: The Aurora, Ill., downtown riverfront PROPOSED USE: outdoor music venue, visitors center, botanical garden, nature education center, public market, pedestrian bridge linking east and west banks of the Fox River SITE BACKGROUND:Portions of the park site were once home to manufacturing, automobile repair and a railroad line. SIZE: 30…Read more

State of Practice
Green Build 2008 Year-end Report: Amid the Chaos, Green Building Thrives

Notwithstanding the overlapping challenges of illiquid credit markets, "toxic" mortgage debt, increasing unemployment and lower fuel prices, the trend for growth in the green building movement continues to trend upward. This is evidenced not only by the growing number of green buildings, but also through the continued escalation of professionals…Read more

State of Practice
In Indiana, One Good Shovel-Ready Project Deserves Another

"Shovel-ready" is a term that state and community brownfield offices have been familiar with for years, and landowners have often used the term to attract investment. Today, in light of economic concerns and the need to quickly get community reinvestment projects online, having a project that is shovel-ready, or ready…Read more

A Bus Station 'Trans-feration'

The city of Flagstaff, Ariz., is helping change the way people perceive getting around town—and its revitalizing a 100-year-old brownfield property in the process. A parcel of land—located at 116 West Phoenix Ave. in Flagstaff—is proving to be an ideal location to situate a new bus transfer station, deemed so…Read more

Women on the Move

Laurie Burt, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) Burt joined the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection as Commissioner in September 2007. Over the past18 months, her efforts have been instrumental in elevating the Bay State’s leadership role on environmental issues, most notably in the redevelopment of Brownfields sites and…Read more

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