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December 2006

Brownfield Briefs
Mission to Mantua

As an observer of the N BA (N BA) STAMP pilot, I got a firsthand look at how energetic communities find ways to leverage their brownfield assets into success. Exiting from the New Jersey Turnpike, with the tall buildings of Philadelphia on the skyline, I expected to see a classic…Read more

Redeveloping the Reality
Community Outreach
Redeveloping the Reality

Clearly, Mantua Township’s commitment is the driving force behind the successful completion of its Phase I assessment (a “PA” under NJDEP regulations) and its work with the N BA STAMP panel and the NJDEP, to produce an adoptable reuse master plan. But the commitment of the community and other planning…Read more

Momentum in Mantua: A Pro-Active Approach to Brownfield Redevelopment
Momentum in Mantua: A Pro-Active Approach to Brownfield Redevelopment

Many communities struggle on their own to choose the “right strategy” by which to tackle thorny brownfield sites plaguing their communities. As any savvy brownfield redeveloper knows, there is no cookie-cutter approach to producing great brownfield redevelopments. There is, however, a consistent process or template communities can follow to maximize…Read more

Editor's Letter
Back Your Controls with Funding

A professional colleague commented to me recently that private money is responsible for the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfield sites. His point was that states and the federal government may think of brownfield successes as “theirs,” but the bulk of the risk and the capital driving the brownfield revolution is…Read more

Editor's Letter
Letters to the Editor

NCP Vs. State Law I have read Richard G. Opper’s article, “Apples, Lemons and Other Low Hanging Fruit,” that appeared in the October issue of Brownfield News. I agree that the National Contingency Plan (NCP) is too cumbersome for most brownfield cleanups, especially where commercial redevelopment is the objective. Amendment…Read more

2007 Brownfield Resource Guide

ASSOCIATIONS N BAs 5440 N. Cumberland Ave. Suite 155 Chicago, IL 60656 Key contact: Matt Banks mattb@BrownfieldAssociation.org Phone: 773-714-0407 FAX: 773-714-0989 www.BrownfieldAssociation.org N BA USA andN BA Canada have over 1,300 memb…Read more

Brownfields 2006:A Revolution in Redevelopment and Revitalization

Boston at night. Referring to real estate transactions, Donald Trump has been quoted as saying: “it’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful . . . it’s artistic . . . and I just love real estate.”At least he didn’t say it was easy, because there are probably a few folks working…Read more

The Final View

So what are the possibilities for Struthers-Dunn? You’ve read the comments and suggestions provided by Brownfield News’ editorial board on the previous pages. The STAMP panel—consisting of real estate broker Don Eisen, planner Edward Kolling, developer Linda Morgan, consultant Neil Rivers, and insurance consultant Jim Vetter, all experts in their…Read more

Feature Focus
Brownfields and Youth: A Convenient Truth

Al Gore’s recent documentary on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth,” illustrates the importance of educating young people about their vital role as stewards of the environment. But just how do we accomplish this? Increasingly, educators, policy experts and environmental professionals are recognizing unique learning opportunities associated with local brownfield redevelopment.…Read more

Feature Focus
Repositioning Brownfields- Part II

Repositioning can be defined as the process of getting a property that is abandoned or underutilized back to the traditional real estate market. Properties that require repositioning simply can be in need of a creative eye or may, in fact, be deeply underwater from a financial perspective. In addition to…Read more

Feature Focus
Where Is Relief for Small Brownfields?

Laura (not her real name) and her brothers have owned the two properties on Independence Avenue bordering the town line since 2001. That was the year a motorcycle accident killed their father, whose estate included the two abutting properties, as well as several other small properties and businesses in the…Read more

Guest Op / Ed
Environmental Public Relations Key to Promoting Brownfield Development Success

A company’s reputation, profitability and even its continued existence can depend on the degree to which its targeted “publics” support its goals and policies. Environmental public relations specialists serve as advocates for businesses, nonprofit associations, universities, and other organizations, to build and maintain positive relationships with the public. Decision-makers working…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
Doing the Deal

Welcome to Brownfield News’ annual “Doing The Deal” issue, when one municipality’s difficult site is showcased and receives practical technical, financial and redevelopment advice from our editors. This year, we serve it with a twist. In addition to comprehensive written advice from many of Brownfield News’ department specialists, the site…Read more

Insurance Focus
“Yes” to State Insurance Programs for Small Brownfields

There is a need for state insurance programs geared toward small- to mid-sized clean ups to encourage redevelopment of marginal brownfield sites. Critics contend that states should consider current economic conditions, such as whether the staffing and money are available during tight budget times, before committing to a program. And,…Read more

Insurance Focus
Do State-Run Insurance Programs Make Sense in Times of Fiscal Austerity?

Using New Jersey as an Example During the past few years, New Jersey legislative and executive branches have instituted significant programs to encourage brownfield development. These programs provide significant assistance, which, to some extent, mitigate some economic risks for brownfield developers, both large and small. For example, New Jersey’s Brownfield…Read more

Insurance Focus
Environmental Insurance: An Effective Tool for Brownfield Redevelopment

Photographer Arturs Petersons: Agency Dreamstime.com In 1998, Massachusetts adopted “sweeping” legislation aimed at eliminating the obstacles to brownfield cleanup and redevelopment in the state. Since that time, well over $100 million in state funding has been devoted to programs that deliver an impressive array of incentives. One unique element of…Read more

Insurance Focus
Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Mantua Township is having a lemonade sale. This lemonade is a very special recipe, made of varying parts contaminated land, regulatory support, community support, visionary leadership, and insurance protection. This article will describe how environmental insurance can act as the sugar that gives tart lemonade just the right sweetness, while…Read more

Insurance Focus
Smart Contracts for Small Projects

Demand for a workable insurance solution for small brownfield stakeholders has prompted the risk management and engineering industries to develop a more efficient approach for cleaning up small brownfields and for providing stakeholders liability protection. This approach can work for remediation projects under $3,000,000. Remediation costs are a type of…Read more

Insurance Focus
State Programs: To Have or Have Not

Photographer Aaron Kohr: Agency Dreamstime.com Massachusetts, the host state for USEPA’s Brownfields 2006 conference, is considered the “go to” state whenever…Read more

Insurance Focus
State-Sponsored Insurance: Weighing the Alternatives

Do state-sponsored insurance programs effectively prohibit competition on coverage and pricing? Is it practical for a state program to access multiple insurance markets or is it more likely that the state will choose one insurer as the sole provider? In a robust environmental insurance marketplace with over a dozen insurers,…Read more

Key Questions Toward Success

My hat is off to Mantua, New Jersey, a small, relatively rural township of only 14,217, whose Web site claims that it is home to actress Linda Fiorentino (despite reports that she lives in Westport, Conn.). Mantua’s robust, “can do” attitude, combined with its drive and determination, is evident in…Read more

Brownfield Program Reauthorization: The Adventure Begins ... with a Roadmap

President Bush formally authorized the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act as a federal program on January 11, 2002, after it had passed Congress with strong bi-partisan support. Authorized for five years, the period ended on September 30. In mid-2006, Congress began to consider a reauthorization of the…Read more

Regional Report
Canadian Report: Ontario Releases First Growth Plan

On June 16, 2006, after years of extensive consultation and research, the Government of Ontario released the first-ever Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe region. With Toronto as its center point, it is the third fastest-growing region in North America. Greater Golden Horseshoe region. Reprinted with the permission of…Read more

Regional Report
Eastern Report: Landfill Redevelopment Creates Community Asset

A former municipal landfill in suburban Reading, Massachusetts, is the site of the largest landfill closure and retail redevelopment project in New England history, and one of the most complex projects of its type in the country. The $90 million Walkers Brook Crossing retail development, located on a 33.5-acre former…Read more

Regional Report
Midwestern Report: Wisconsin Reports on Progress and Successes

The Wisconsin departments of Natural Resources (DNR), Commerce, and Administration have released a joint report on the effectiveness of the state’s brownfields programs. Wisconsin’s Brownfields Initiative: 2006 Report to the Wisconsin State Legislature provides a summary of the legislative, financial and policy initiatives created and implemented by Wisconsin since the…Read more

Regional Report
Southern Report: Landfill Could Make a Splash

Proposed whitewater course along the Barren River, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Perhaps it’s our extended hours at work or the rush of the world in general, but it appears we are making greater efforts to escape from the daily grind. There is a growing demand for outdoor recreation and the creation…Read more

Regional Report
Western Report: Sunshine and a Booming Population

Phoenix, Arizona. The sun shines everyday. The average annual temperature is 72 degrees. Many of you may dispute that because you only remember that July day you flew into Phoenix, stepped out of the airport, and felt a blast of heat that you thought existed only in your image of…Read more

Peeling the Technology Onion

Understanding the role and timing of cleanup technology at a brownfield site is a little like the often-used analogy of peeling an onion. This analogy is pertinent to the two Mantua properties called the Route 55 Redevelopment Area. Harvesting the Onion When you first harvest an onion, the outside looks…Read more

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