• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


September 2002

Case Study
Case Study: East Tennessee Technology Park’s Heritage Center

Site Name: East Tennessee Technology Park’s (ETTP) Heritage Center Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee Owner: Current, U. S. Department of Energy (DOE); Future, The Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (CROET) Lot size: Total site acreage equals 1,300 acres Number of buildings: 125 with 36 buildings currently containing leased areas and…Read more

Market Measures

The Brownfield Supply Index is an average of the daily closing stock prices of a wide range of publicly-traded companies that own a large number of industrial properties multiplied by 100. The BSI tracks the stock price of publicly traded companies with established brownfield programs. …Read more

Minnesota Keeps Score and Makes Points
Minnesota Keeps Score and Makes Points

If you’re going to build a business you need two things—understanding of what works and what doesn’t and a focus on customer service. Minnesota has approached its brownfield programs with those points in mind. The state has kept meticulous records on investment and results of redevelopment programs, which give the…Read more

Rails, Crowns, and Expertise

Brownfield News readers may have a sense that Canada is just stepping out of the starting blocks on redevelopment, but there are number of projects and methods already underway here. We'll explore those and take a look at a brownfield evangelist, Brian Villemaire, an associate broker with Royal LePage, the…Read more

First Person
The Benefits of Brokering Brownfields

When I mention my specialization in brokering brownfield sites to other real estate professionals, they often respond with a look of disbelief. Why would I waste my time working with contaminated sites? And how do I find buyers for properties that often require extensive and costly redevelopment? For most brokers,…Read more

First Person
Thoughts of a Third Generation Paint Maker

I must respond to the articles in the May/June issue of Brownfield News with a certain amount of bemusement. In the article by Charlie Bartsch: “How About Viewing the Glass as Half Full,” Mr. Bartsch is optimistic that the new Brownfield Revitalization and Environmental Restoration Act will “from a procedural…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
City & State News

Cool Million California State Treasurer Philip Angelides presented a check for $1 million to San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy as part of a new initiative sponsored by the treasurer. Dubbed California Recycle Underutilized Sites (Cal ReUSE), it is part of the treasurer’s “Double Bottom Line” investment strategy, which focuses on…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
Company News

Hangover for Brownfields Recovery According to a report in the Boston Globe, Brownfields Recovery Corp. “is no longer looking for business.” In an interview with Brownfield News the company’s president Jack Thomas said, “There’s a lot to that story, but its really part of our evolution. When we started in…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
Federal News

Signings The EPA and the Economic Development Administration (EDA) have renewed a 1995 memorandum of understanding (MOU) establishing a general working agreement between the EPA and the Commerce Dept.’s EDA. The agreement helps them to coordinate their policies and activities in support of brownfield assessment and cleanup, community revitalization, and economic…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
People in the News

Gregory E. Schilz has joined Breitstone & Co. as a partner in a newly formed West Coast affiliate that specializes in environmental liability. Prior to joining Breitstone, Schilz had been in environmental practice for Marsh, Inc....David Voigt has joined Deloitte & Touche as national solutions leader in the firm’s real…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
The Moving Parts of a Railroad

Repair and Cleaning Locomotive and railcar repair and cleaning is the dirtiest part of railroading and is the area under RCRA regulation. Cleaning cars results in contaminated wastewater that is treated on site and RCRA materials are removed and treated.The materials include a range of solvents, waste oil, and oil…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
The Other Side of the Tracks

Railroads extend into almost every town and city in the country. Rairlroads are also one of the largest property owners in the country and they are both a challenge to work with and sources of redevelopment opportunities. Largely responsible for shaping our countries industrial past, railroads are now part of…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
U.S., German Partnership - A Global Approach

The cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated sites of hazardous materials is a global concern that requires an integrated approach to mitigate the risks to human health and the environment. Many countries have committed extensive resources to the effort to address environmental, social and economic issues related to cleanup and redevelopment…Read more

International Brownfields
Mammoth Czech Site Starts Transformation

The Karolina site, a former industrial area, lies in the center city of Ostrava, Czech Republic, just feet away from the city’s historic square. Its importance lies in the rarity of finding 150 acres of prime, undeveloped land in a prominent central city location—especially land that is available and suitable…Read more

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