• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


April 2008

Count on It

1701 The year Detroit was founded by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac $94 million The amount of funding provided by Michigan’s Brownfield Grant and Loan Program since 1992. Funds went to 223 projects that have leveraged over $3.1 billion in private investment and created more than 17,000 permanent jobs. 3,000…Read more

Downturn Times Call for Tax Incentives

Capital gaps remain the biggest barrier to brownfield redevelopment. As credit markets tighten, brownfield redevelopers look to the public sector as they package financing for site cleanup and reuse. But competition is increasing for funds, making them harder to secure. The EPA had a record number of applicants for assessment…Read more

Leaning Toward Sustainability

CLINTON J. ANDREWS I came to sustainability through a belief that U.S. society has lost its sense of balance. My thrifty Scottish ancestors helped shape my worldview that values efficiency and disdains ostentation. My heretical English ancestors gave me the confidence to question authority. My Irish and German ancestors helped…Read more

Michigan Sets the Pace for Redevelopment

Michigan is unlike any other place on Earth. With over 3,000 miles of shoreline on four of the five Great Lakes, the state is second only to Alaska in coastline with a greater proportion of coastline to land area than Hawaii. Its lush forests, copper, iron ore and gold deposits,…Read more

Michigan Sets the Pace for Redevelopment

Mayor George Heartwell Grand Rapids Background: Now in his second term as mayor, Heartwell has transformed Grand Rapids into one of the nation’s greenest cities through a number of environmental measures, including alternative fuels for city vehicles and renewable resource energy. The United Nations recognized Grand Rapids as a Center…Read more

Green & LEED
Green, Brown and Historic

The January 2008 issue of Preservation Magazine, published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, was dedicated to green issues. Historic preservation, the magazine noted, has been fundamentally a sustainable concept from the very start, but green building technology now leads it in new directions. As brownfield sites become more…Read more

Green & LEED
Greening Brownfields for Ecological Enhancement

The connection between brownfields and sustainability is particularly strong for properties with the potential for conversion into ecologically valuable lands. This opportunity is best for properties with low redevelopment potential, low market demand and a high cost for resolving environmental issues. (See “Rural Surplus Properties,” BNSD, Feb. 2008) Ecological restoration…Read more

Green & LEED
Nested Sustainability Efforts: From Green Buildings to a Sustainable State

Sustainability can be likened to the term “Rashomon effect,” from the 1950 Japanese film of the same name, which suggests that the truth of a situation can be difficult to ascertain because of conflicting stories from different witnesses or participants. Despite these challenges though, many involved in the pursuit of…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
Brownfields: The Legacy of the Auto Industry

For more than 100 years, large tracts of land have been used by U.S. automotive manufacturers (USAM) for the production of vehicles. Over the last 20 years, the amount of land required by the industry has diminished dramatically for a variety of reasons, including more efficient production and reduction in…Read more

International Brownfields
A World View of Brownfields

INTERNATIONAL REPORT I recently had the opportunity to meet up with Paul Nathanail, a friend I seldom see. He was in San Diego, my hometown, with a group of students who are following a unique part-time vocational master’s program in contaminated land management at the University of Nottingham in Great…Read more

A True RCRA Brownfield

I have been distressed at the limited description provided by the EPA for a RCRA brownfield. It always seems to involve the cleanup of a property prior to sale or redevelopment. A RCRA brownfield is no different from any other site that has been remediated and sold—it is the sale…Read more

Regional Report
Baltimore’s Waterfront Gets a New Look

EASTERN REPORT Baltimore’s waterfront makeover continues as a former chromium processing plant begins its $830 million transformation into a new, upscale community. Public officials recently broke ground on Harbor Point, a 27-acre mixed-use redevelopment project on the city’s inner harbor, which is part of Harbor East, a larger venture between…Read more

Regional Report
Brownfields in Paradise

WESTERN REPORT In a game of word association, “brownfields” doesn’t usually spring to mind in response to “Hawaii.” But just like other communities that bear the scars of past economic booms, Hawaii—often viewed as an island paradise—also has blighted former industrial sites that are ripe for revitalization. Despite a severely…Read more

Regional Report
Hail the New Britannia

CANADIAN REPORT During its heyday in the first half of the 20th century, Britannia Mine on Canada’s Pacific Ocean shore was the largest-producing copper mine in the British Empire. After mining operations ceased in 1974, the property became better known for another record—as one of the biggest point-sources of metal…Read more

Regional Report
Iowa Project Wins Phoenix Award

MIDWESTERN REPORT One of Iowa’s biggest brownfield projects was recently recognized with a 2007 Region 7 Phoenix Award. The Iowa River Landing revitalization project, a joint effort between Coralville, Iowa, and engineering firm Terracon Consultants, Inc., was among 10 sites across the country highlighted as outstanding brownfield projects. The project,…Read more

Regional Report
Luxury and History Find Common Ground in Liberty Harbor

SOUTHERN REPORT An old WWII shipyard in Brunswick, Ga., is being transformed into an upscale slice of paradise. Liberty Harbor, a tony 155-acre, $2.4 billion community development just minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, hopes to introduce residents to resort-style living, complete with concierge services and a 450-slip marina. The…Read more

Special Focus
A Holistic Life-Cycle Approach for Remediation

The environmental footprint of remediation covers more than just the activities at a cleanup site. The materials and energy consumed during the process may have indirect impacts on humans and the environment that may outweigh those directly associated with the site. The life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a standardized method that…Read more

Special Focus
Finding Perfect Balance

Approaches to cleaning up contaminated property have evolved over time to incorporate new technologies and address new environmental concerns. Due to increased awareness of the potential effects of climate change, individuals from government, industry and academia have begun to examine the impact of a cleanup on greenhouse gas emissions, as…Read more

Special Focus
Minimizing Cleanup Footprints

Cleanup professionals in the United States and Europe are becoming more interested in identifying best practices to help reduce the environmental footprint of contaminated site cleanups. The concept, called green remediation, is the practice of considering all of the environmental effects of contaminated site remedy selection and implementation, then incorporating…Read more

View from the Field
Give Developer’s Their Due

It’s the first day of business school at thousands of the world’s colleges and universities. Students, peering behind walls of laptops in amphitheater seats, hyped on caffeine, await the first pearls of wisdom from bowtied professors (O.K., for political correctness, female professors with those funny scarf-like things, too). Those same…Read more

Terri Smith: A League of Her Own

New Jersey may be a state known for big hair, strip clubs, landfills, and fictional anxiety-ridden mobsters, but it is also known for being one of the most progressive states in the country when it comes to environmental policy. People can say what they want about the Garden State, but…Read more

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