• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


December 2009

Renewed  Opportunity for An Eastside Neighborhood
Case Study
Renewed Opportunity for An Eastside Neighborhood

After eight years and more than $2 million in investment, the Joyce. A Savocchio Business Park has been dedicated and opened for business. A once blighted eye sore was remediated and now acts as a catalyst for revitalization in a highly impoverished neighborhood. Ultimately, a sense of pride and hope…Read more

Editor's Letter
Renewal Awards - Smacks of Logic

In logic, they call it a categorical syllogism. Consider this: No geese are felines. Some birds are geese. Clearly, “some birds are not felines” is the unequivocal conclusion of the syllogism. With apologies to logicians everywhere, Brownfield Renewal magazine scared up its own syllogism in early 2009 when we acquired…Read more

In Transit
Thinking outside the TOD box

Getting requite approvals for brownfield-related initiatives, including transportation-oriented developments (TODs), endures far less resistance when an economy is growing, prospering. In a tough economy, when the rubber hit the road, there's far more mobilization and hard work required by all parties involved.Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
Excellence Comes in Many Shapes, Sizes

Diversity carried the day when the first-annual Brownfield Renewal awards were presented November 17 to four project sponsors in a modest-sized but well-populated conference room at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans during the Brownfields 2009 convention. The recipients included: City of Oklahoma City, Metropolitan Area Projects, awarded an…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
'Investing in Ourselves'

When I moved here 14 years ago, I was truly alarmed at the prospects for a good quality of life. That is not the case any longer. MAPS is truly a full participation community project because the entire community had to vote to tax themselves to make it happen. MAPS…Read more

Legislative Briefs
Congress: Much Accomplished, Much Still to Do

At press time, the 111th Congress was working towards a mid-December adjournment, after grappling with monumental issues—economic crisis and stimulus, energy and climate change, and health care—that left less global issues, such as brownfields, struggling to move off the back burner. From a direct brownfields and sustainable development perspective, little…Read more

The Benefits of Voluntary Disclosure

Discover. Disclose. Correct. Prevent recurrence. These are the key words in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Audit Policy. The EPA is currently testing a number of tailored incentives that apply to new owners of regulated companies who identify, voluntarily disclose, and promptly correct environmental violations. These incentives were described…Read more

Ground Breakers

David Misky, Assistant executive director, Redevelopment Authority for the city of Milwaukee, Wis. With work on more than 100 brownfield redevelopment projects under his belt, David Misky says balancing the interests of everyone involved with a site is both his greatest challenge and his favorite part of the job. (See…Read more

Regional Report
Southeast: Atlanta Beltline

PROPERTY SIZE: 22-mile transit loop circling Atlanta's urban core. Covers 6,500 acres or 8% of the city's land area. BACKGROUND: One of the most comprehensive economic development efforts ever undertaken in the City of Atlanta and the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment currently underway in the U.S., the Atlanta BeltLine…Read more

Regional Report
Southeast: Revitalized Steel Plant

LOCATION: Charleston, S.C. SIZE : 141 acres BACKGROUND: Cherokee Investment Partners' project in North Charleston, S.C., known as Macalloy, is an EPA Superfund Site. The former steel plant fronts Shipyard Creek and is situated in an industrial and commercial section of the Charleston Peninsula. The site of the former Macalloy…Read more

Regional Report
Southeast: Former White's Packing Facility

LOCATION: Ocala, Fla. SIZE: 7 acres BACKGROUND: A derelict meat packing facility sat vacant for 10 years before the owner, who also ran a construction business, used the seven acre site for storage of his heavy equipment as well as a staging area for materials. Code violations and fines were…Read more

Regional Report
Southeast: People

Jason S. Lichtstein, president of the Florida Brownfields Association. Lichtstein is an environmental attorney and shareholder with the Akerman Senterfitt law firm in Tallahassee. He has significant experience in the cleanup, redevelopment, and reuse of Brownfields and other contaminated properties in Florida. Lichtstein's practice includes a range of environmental transactional,…Read more

Regional Report
Southeast: Policies

ALABAMA The Alabama Dept. of Environmental Management (ADEM) believes strongly in the Brownfields Program and is committed to becoming a national leader in brownfields information and development. The first step towards this goal has been the development of the ADEM GIS Site Inspector, an interactive, multi-faceted web-based technology that allows…Read more

Regional Report
South Carolina's Future Tied to Lowcountry Brownfield Initiatives

In the Dickensian sense, 2009 was the worst of times, and the best of times for South Carolina. Hit hard by the global recession, the state's unemployment soared to an alarming 12 percent. Nationally, South Carolina became the butt of jokes on late night television comedy shows as Governor Mark…Read more

The Greening of Brownfield Technology

In the consumer marketplace, the hyper-speed pace of technology sets the trends, and the newest, latest version of everything rules. In the world of brownfield remediation, however, technological change is an evolutionary process measured in years and decades rather than microseconds. Even though technologies that can enhance “green” remediation are…Read more

View from the Field
From Brownfields to Brightfields

Brownfield sites, including closed landfills, sometimes also referred to as legacy landfills, are financial liabilities to their owners whether they be a municipality, a county or the former operators or owners of the site. The owners of such sites may never see an end to the perpetual monitoring requirements mandated…Read more

View from the Field
The Technology of Carbon Offsets

Development of brownfield sites can help significantly in controlling greenhouse gases and the impact that they have on global warming. Reducing the impacts of greenhouse gases can be accomplished through reducing the amount of gases created or by sequestering the gases once they have been released into the environment. The…Read more

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