• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


February 2010

From Idle to Full Throttle: The Development of the Chesapeake Commerce Center
Case Study
From Idle to Full Throttle: The Development of the Chesapeake Commerce Center

For almost 70 years, the former General Motors Baltimore Assembly Plant produced almost every type of car in the GM lineup from the Impala to the Pontiac GTO. Located adjacent to the Seagirt and Dundalk marine terminals at the Port of Baltimore, Md., the 182-acre, 3.2 million-square-foot assembly plant provided…Read more

Editor's Letter
A New Shade of Work—Green Jobs

There are your white collar and blue collar jobs, which are mutually exclusive. The emergence of green technology and green collar jobs blurs this distinction, crossing over into both camps. It’s a booming time for green jobs, so much so that it seemed appropriate to unveil a new department series…Read more

Green & LEED
With Job Opportunities Lean, Consider One That’s Green

Green Career Glossary Green technology job: Ones that support the creation and development of technological solutions that mitigate and manage climate change. The green technology jobs represent a focus on the industry. Examples: Green building design, open space management, transit and transit oriented development, energy generation (wind, solar, hydro/marine, fuel…Read more

In Transit
Ambitious Calif. Transit Village Waiting to Accelerate

The proposed El Monte (Calif.) Transit Village is a flagship transit-oriented development project located in the heart of the Los Angeles Basin that, when completed, will have the distinction as being the busiest bus station west of Chicago. Moreover, the redevelopment is expected to revitalize the city of El Monte…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
A Financial Navigation Guide to Brownfield Redevelopment

In a perfect world, business models for brownfield projects would be one-size-fits-all. Dream on, say brownfield financing experts, as the industry faces a perfect financial storm of tight credit, the stagnant real estate market and a recession to boot. Whatever economic models brownfield developers used to use for assessing contaminated…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
Revitalizing an Urban Industrial Waterfront

Investment in environmental cleanup and public infrastructure does not always have immediate payoffs. But with careful long-term planning, Stockton, Calif. has transformed its formally blighted waterfront into a recreational and entertainment destination and positively positioned itself for the future. After 15 years of planning and over $200 million of investment,…Read more

Legislative Briefs
Federal Government Preview: What's Ahead for 2010?

On a practical level, brownfields and sustainable development—like all development—will face formidable challenges in 2010. The federal government—namely the Obama Administration and Congress—have indicated their interest in supporting such efforts through programmatic activities and policy proposals. Key themes of the President's overall budget request include investing in job creation, supporting…Read more

Policy Innovation: Brownfields by the Bunch

There have been some highly-effective brownfield redevelopments, great projects accomplished as reported in Brownfield Renewal and elsewhere, but each done one at time, with great effort. From a policy perspective, the question is how to move from resolving brownfields one at time to multiple remediations and redevelopments that will substantially…Read more

Ground Breakers

Rachael Simonoff Wexler, CEO, Sunlight Planet, Venice, Calif. Simonoff Wexler, a leading legal advisor to businesses in alternative energy and clean technology and recently named CEO of the financial services firm specializing in commercial renewable energy projects, takes the helm of a company that “has positioned itself to play an…Read more

Regional Report
The Northeast Region

Region overview From Boston to Bath, Kennebunkport to Keene, from Burlington to Brewer, development activities are occurring in the Northeast region along the brown and green spectrum that's making a lot of observers both inside and outside the region take notice. Start in Brewer, Me. where a former paper mill…Read more

Regional Report
The Northeast Region: Former B & M Railroad Property, Keene, N.H.

PROPERTY SIZE: 8.13 acres. BACKGROUND: The B&M Railroad had the longest presence on the site from the late 1800s until 1988 when the City of Keene purchased it. The city had acquired the property with the ultimate vision of getting this valuable but otherwise idle property redeveloped. Jumping ahead to…Read more

Regional Report
The Northeast Region: People

Paul Arnold, PE, Principal and Brownfields Initiative Leader, TRC Cos., Lowell, Mass. A Brownfields consulting career that spans the last two decades, Arnold has had oversight of TRC's Municipal Brownfields initiative in the Northeast since 1999. Arnold has managed the assessment and remediation at hundreds of Brownfields properties, and early…Read more

View from the Field
Inflecting Towards Brownfields

Thoughtful writers like Thomas Friedman, Bob Herbert, and Paul Krugman are just a few of the high profile voices advancing the notion that clean energy technologies must play a key role in the American economy if the country is going to position itself to compete globally with China (among others).…Read more

View from the Field
The Growth of Urban Farms on Brownfields

Expanding communities have absorbed more and more "cornfields" at the edge of town for development. Now, an idea germinating for many years is rapidly taking root in North American cities. Communities are reclaiming urban property and returning them to "cornfields." Urban farming is growing in many communities. This is especially…Read more

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