• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


April 2010

A ‘Symphony’ of Teamwork  Defines Vegas Redevelopment
Brownfield Briefs
A ‘Symphony’ of Teamwork Defines Vegas Redevelopment

Once a rail yard for Union Pacific Railroad, Symphony Park in downtown Las Vegas is one of the most ambitious brownfield redevelopment programs in the country. The city of Las Vegas aims to convert 61 acres of a former rail yard and maintenance facility into a green urban destination complete…Read more

Advocating For…advocacy!
Editor's Letter
Advocating For…advocacy!

Everyone needs a good advocate—someone to step up to the plate and represent their best interests. Interests that plead or defend the cause of another. In Washington, D.C. brownfield advocates might come in the form of professional lobbyists who make a case for a cause and un-relentlessly—but diplomatically—perform a full-court…Read more

Ground Breakers

Brett Davidson, President and CEO, Wavefront Technology Solutions, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada You could say that Wavefront Technology Solutions' Brett Davidson and his team like to go with the flow. The company's Primawave technology is becoming a compelling solution in the marketplace as project managers are able to see underground remediation…Read more

The Changing Canadian Brownfield Landscape

Many of us who spent years in the environmental insurance space know one thing: There have been significant level of change in the Brownfield landscape during the past decade regarding the redevelopment of Canadian sites. Canadian brownfield redevelopment continues to increase in volume. As an insurance provider assessing these sites…Read more

Green & LEED
With Wind Power,They’ve Mastered the Ropes

Eric Stanfield (pictured left) and Chris Bley, co-owners of Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Rope Partner, don't have time to rock climb much these days because they're now using their climbing skills to clean, repair and maintain wind turbines at wind farming facilities. Chris Bley and an associate had one of those…Read more

In Transit
Will High-Speed Rail Move to the Fast Track?

The state of Illinois in March took a historic step toward creating a bullet train network when the Illinois Senate passed a bill creating the Illinois and Midwest High Speed Rail Commission. The 12-member commission is expected to issue specific guidelines by March 2011 on how best to structure a…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
ID Crisis: Brownfields and ‘The Beltway’

Promoting brownfield interests in Washington is a little like always being the new kid at school, say insiders: You have to figure out where you fit into the crowd and make a place for yourself there. The brownfield redevelopment agenda has natural affinities with many other issues but has always…Read more

Legislative Briefs
Will the “Fat Lady Sing” for Brownfields this Year?

Congress has returned from its spring recess, after its bitter and exhausting deliberations over health care—a process which (to quote a prominent state and local lobbyist) “sucked all the oxygen right out of the Capitol.” The spring “time out” did little to soothe the partisan rancor which continues to permeate…Read more

Battling Backlog: New Jersey’s LSRP to the Rescue

Four years ago, the problem of New Jersey’s contaminated sites backlog came to a head with the “Kiddie Kollege” disaster: A day care facility was found to have been built on unremediated property that had once housed a thermometer factory. As young children were tested for possible exposure to mercury…Read more

How Dynamic Data Enables Grants

Cities and towns across the United States have considerable incentive to remediate and reuse their brownfields. Besides protecting the environment, communities that succeed at putting contaminated sites back into productive use reduce blight, alleviate urban sprawl, attract new businesses and increase their tax base. But the undertaking can be costly,…Read more

State Reforms for Third-Party/Toxic Tort Liability Protection: A Conversation Starter

Are third-party and toxic tort protections the next wave of brownfields reforms? Gerald Pouncey, an attorney who has been involved in over 250 brownfield projects nationally, believes that state and federal reforms are going to have to go that direction if the brownfields gains of the last 15 years are…Read more

Regional Report
Mines, Mills and a Mountaintop Experience

The intermountain region is a tale of two dynamics: Outdoor recreation is driven by hunting and fishing carried out on pristine parcels. This is offset by manufacturing seen in the form of milling, mining and smelting. © jurvetson (flickr.com) So named because they lie between (or at least amidst) the…Read more

Regional Report
Mountain States: Brewery Flats Lewistown Facility

LOCATION: Lewistown, Mont. BACKGROUND: Located along the west bank of Big Spring Creek one-mile south of Lewistown on Route 238, the Facility is a former Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul/Burlington Northern railroad switching yard and roundhouse that ceased operations in 1987. The property was then purchased by George Berg and is…Read more

Regional Report
Mountain States: Former Ancar Tank Farm

LOCATION: Sheridan, Wyo. LAND USE: A paved parking and pedestrian area used by the community to access the city of Sheridan’s walking path/trail system along Little Goose Creek near Alger Avenue. PROPERTY SIZE: 0.59 acres. TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $ 523,000 Itemized: WDEQ VRP Brownfield Assistance Program: $200,000 Whitney Benefits: $323,000…Read more

Regional Report
Mountain States: Ogden Block 37/A

LOCATION: Ogden, Utah. CURRENT USE: An office building complex leased to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. BACKGROUND: Block 37/A in Ogden was the site of the former Ogden Iron Works, auto repair shops, and a salvage yard. Several buildings on the block had been vacant for years due to suspected…Read more

Regional Report
Mountain States: PEOPLE

Jason Seyler, Hazardous Substance Brownfield Coordinator, Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality, Helena, Mont. As the Hazardous Substance Brownfield Coordinator, Seyler works with non-profits, communities, and developers to facilitate the assessment and cleanup of releases of hazardous substances at Brownfield sites in Montana. In Montana, many of these releases occurred at…Read more

Regional Report

MONTANA The Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Bureau is the Bureau that plans, implements, and oversees remedial actions at facilities with hazardous or deleterious substance releases. These typically occur at commercial and industrial facilities, transportation facilities, municipal landfills, and similar facilities (e.g., leaking underground storage tank (UST) facilities, railroad facilities, refineries,…Read more

View from the Field
Grassroots Organizations: Resilient, Results-Driven

In June 2007, Leonard Pitts, a legendary columnist for The Miami Herald, launched a year-long look at programs that are elevating the dire circumstances facing many African American children in America today. He called his series simply, "What Works." In his reporting, Pitts chose to focus on the strategies yielding…Read more

View from the Field
The Evolution of Energy Technology is at Hand

Industry participants need to rethink their overall and long-term approach to energy technology. So theorizes Patrick Moore of the Clean and Safe Energy coalition, who sees technology and brownfield developments merging closer together. He is challenging industry stakeholders to rethink their overall and long-term approach to energy technology. Some of…Read more

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