• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


June 2010

Editor's Letter
‘Green on Brown’: The Industry’s Lifeblood

Green-building trends are picking up momentum, and rightly so. The Obama administration has jumped on the green-build/energy efficiency bandwagon with both feet flying, greasing the skids through funding, and seeing the powerful benefits and payback these developments can yield. Everything comes with a perception, real or imagined. Once, the perception…Read more

Evolution is Everything
Evolution is Everything

They say you must grow or die: Isn’t that the truth. What started as a print presentation of Brownfield Renewal (the former Brownfield News & Sustainable Development magazine] is branching out in a myriad of select ways for you to get better connected to the industry—but also to participate and…Read more

Green Energy: Building Bridges between U.S., China

© Ethan.K (flickr.com) Green energy is serious business in China. “They see cleaning up the environment as directly related to future economic growth,” says Peter Gourlay, president and founder of the Maryland-Asia Environmental Partnership (MD-AEP), based in Timonium, Md. “It’s not about do-gooders. They have huge public health iss…Read more

Environmental Remediation
A Green Cleanup That’s ‘Tree-mendous’

A site cleanup protects human health and the environment, provides reuse options for the land, creates jobs and reduces sprawl. However, a raised awareness to climate change is forcing individuals to step back and look at the potential unintended consequences from site cleanups. Cleanup activities use energy, water and material…Read more

Green & LEED
Searching for the Perfect Fit

Over the past several years renewable energy has become one of the fastest growing segments throughout the United States. Unprecedented attention has shifted to renewable energy options, such as wind, solar, bio-fuels, biomass and geothermal due to the federal government’s investment in creating more jobs through the American Recovery and…Read more

In Transit
Second-Generation Bio-Fuels: Are They Second to None?

Move over corn, soy and sugarcane, it appears there’s a new bio-fuels “sheriff” in town that some predict will reshape if not revolutionize the clean, green fuel production and distribution marketplace. Time was when the integration of a corn derivative like ethanol (E-85) blended into the fuel supply—used by conscientious…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
The color of money: ‘Building green’

Thanks to ever-rising fuel prices and a renewed federal commitment to sustainable construction, green building practices and technologies are generating a lot more interest these days. The concept of green building encompasses many different areas, such as air quality, stormwater management and recyclable materials, but energy efficiency is top of…Read more

Marketing Strategies
US & Canadian Marketwatch

Industrial Market SnapshotRead more

Small Brownfields can present Big Challenges

Redevelopment of any brownfield property is a challenge but in many instances the challenge of redeveloping small brownfields becomes disproportionately large. Small brownfield properties require a different approach. Most industry stakeholders know that the slowdown in the real estate market magnifies the challenges of property development. These problems are compounded…Read more

Regional Report

CONNECTICUT The Property Transfer and Voluntary 22a-133x Programs DEP or a LEP can have the oversight role. In Voluntary 22a-133y Program a LEP must maintain the oversight role. More Information and Current LEP Roster Other major Remediation Programs handled by staff in the Remediation Division are enforcement action projects (state…Read more

Regional Report
Tri-States: Half Hallow Nursery/Northwind 100kW wind turbine

LOCATION: A 1,200-acre wholesale nursery located in Riverhead, N.Y. DISTINCTION: The Northwind 100kW wind turbine is noted to be the largest wind turbine project in Long Island, N.Y. The parties’ collective work on the Half Hallow Nursery project is among the first to combine dedicated legal and regulatory program management…Read more

Regional Report
Tri-States: Little Falls, N.J.

LOCATION: 139 Center Avenue Townhome Redevelopment, Little Falls, N.J. PROPERTY SIZE: 7.1 acres, zoned residential PROJECT TEAM: The entities involved in the project included TRC Companies, a joint venture partner, and local regulators. MISSION: TRC purchased this former manufacturing facility, assuming all environmental liability. TRC’s goal was to mitigate solvent…Read more

Regional Report
Tri-States: Magic Marker (Catherine S. Graham Square), Trenton, N.J.

PROPERTY SIZE/END USE: 6.8 acres site, with 4.5 acres being residential development. The construction of 42 mixed-income residences, which commenced in January 2009, made possible through the remediation of contaminated soil to unrestricted use standards, commencing in September 2004 and completed in December 2007. HISTORY: Site has been a case…Read more

Regional Report
Tri-States: People

J.R. Capasso, CPG, Brownfields Coordinator, City of Trenton, N.J. Capasso manages Brownfields remediation and redevelopment projects, technical and regulatory compliance, community outreach, and state and Federal grant and loan programs for numerous sites in the City of Trenton. Brownfields sites in Trenton have been redeveloped for open space, residential, industrial,…Read more

Regional Report
Trying Harder in the Tri-State Region

© Eva Abreu (flickr.com) A lot of headway is being made in the Tri-State region—Connecticut, New York and New Jersey—both big and small as it pertains to brownfields redevelopment efforts. Last fall, New York City opened a local voluntary cleanup program for light to moderately contaminated sites that state programs…Read more

View from the Field
An Avenue of Recovery: CERCLA Versus the Dept. of Defense

At the height of the Cold War, 15 of the 25 largest aerospace companies in the United States were based in Southern California, and the U.S. counted on these companies to build modern military weapons like fighter planes, bombers, and ballistic missiles. As the U.S.’s attention turned toward the race…Read more

View from the Field
Electronic Efficiency Drives Wisconsin’s IC Process

Wisconsin—that funky looking state tucked under Lake Superior and known more for Green Bay Packer football and its long run as “America’s Dairyland” than anything else—would not be a place people think of when it comes to brownfields and industrial waste. Yet, this rural Midwestern state of five million boasts…Read more

View from the Field
Joint Venturing: Redevelopers, Landowners Unite!

It is difficult to raise capital in the current economic times even for a greenfield development. Raising capital for a brownfield redevelopment has historically been a more difficult proposition. Lenders are scarce and only high rate of return, speculative capital is available for equity. As a result, brownfield redevelopers must…Read more

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