• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


February 2011

Vapor Intrusion Barrier a Real Salvation for Ohio Rec Facility
Case Study
Vapor Intrusion Barrier a Real Salvation for Ohio Rec Facility

The Salvation Army Kroc Center is a multi-million dollar community complex containing family support, education, and recreational facilities on 17.5 acres. Dayton, Ohio was one of 29 cities to receive funding from the $1.1 billion-dollar donation from the Ray and Joan Kroc family, owners of the McDonald’s food chain, for…Read more

Wanted: Brownfield 'Deal Maestros'
Editor's Letter
Wanted: Brownfield 'Deal Maestros'

I have a passion for classical music. More each year, I've come to appreciate the function of the orchestra conductor in bringing out the very best in the ensemble. This role is often lost on uninitiated classical listeners, as many “newbies” might contend that the players should be able to…Read more

Going Mobile in Philly!

Brownfields 2011 will provide several opportunities to view local brownfield redevelopment sites firsthand in the form of mobile workshops. These tours include transportation to outstanding redevelopment sites throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Sunday, April 3rd • 12:15–3:00 pm. – Wilmington Riverfront Development Wilmington’s Riverfront Development Corp. is charged with creating…Read more

It's a Wonderful LIF...instrument

The development of any brownfield is a complicated task. But the minute someone discovers that fuel, oil, coal tar or creosote has been spilled or leaked on the site, everything gets more complicated—from legal issues to the project’s budget. Fortunately, there are some often-ignored technologies available to effectively design remediation…Read more

Recapturing the Waterfront

Philadelphia’s drive to establish greenways along the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers is underway. In 1683, William Penn appointed his surveyor-general Thomas Holm to plan the street layout for Philadelphia as a “Greene Country Towne” stretching from river to river, covering roughly the reaches of today’s Center City Philadelphia. Somehow along…Read more

Taking Stock of Sioux City Brownfields

Michelle Brady sympathizes with prospective developers who look at a deteriorating brownfield site and find it hard to believe anything good can come of it. Despite her 21 years in economic and community development with Sioux City, Iowa, “I have a hard time envisioning [the final] project too,” she laughs.…Read more

Event Highlights
Brownfields 2011 - Exhibitor Highlights

The ACE Group The ACE Group is a leading provider of environmental insurance solutions and services in the U.S. and globally, and a proud bronze sponsor of Brownfields 2011. Join ACE executives at the Opening Plenary Session on Sunday, April 3, 4:00 to 5:30 P.M., for the Mayor's Roundtable. Attend…Read more

Event Highlights
Building on Prior Success, Opening Door to new Ideas

Communities across the country face the challenge of putting idle pieces of property, from old abandoned industrial sites to neglected mines or timber mills, back to use. The redevelopment of these sites is the focus of the National Brownfields Conference in Philadelphia. On April 3-5 over 6,000 decision makers from…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
Forging Deals: How to Align & Generate Value

Take a still-shaky real estate market. Add some politicians, community groups and profit-seeking business owners. Top it all off with a site harboring the mysterious remnants of decades of industrial contamination. © Marshall Astor (flickr.com) It’s a recipe for brownfield deal-making that can make a greenfield real estate project look…Read more

Regional Report
EPA's Mid-Atlantic Region Welcomes Brownfields 2011

EPA’s mid-Atlantic Region looks forward to hosting Brownfields 2011, which attracts public and private brownfields redevelopment experts from across the country. We are especially pleased the conference is in Philadelphia because it gives attendees an opportunity to see some of our Brownfields success stories right here in the city of…Read more

Regional Report
Greenworks Philadelphia: It’s Open-Space Planning Personified

When Mayor Michael A. Nutter took office in 2008, he pledged to make sustainability a priority during his administration. To make good on his commitment, he created a Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS), which in turn established Greenworks Philadelphia, a comprehensive sustainability plan laying out 15 goals to make Philadelphia…Read more

Regional Report
Laser Vision Drives Delaware River Initiative

The Central Delaware River Waterfront has been a center of commerce and development in Philadelphia since the city’s inception. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries the river played a crucial role as Philadelphia developed into one of the busiest industrial centers in the world. As industry declined through the 20th…Read more

Regional Report
The Navy Yard: It’s Philly’s 'Sea Change’

The Navy Yard, an historic 1,200-acre former Navy Shipyard being developed by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp. (PIDC) on behalf of the city of Philadelphia, has emerged as a dynamic mixed-use campus. Home to more then 100 companies and over 8,000 employees in 5.5 million square feet of occu…Read more

Regional Report
Weaving Green from Brown: Philadelphia Transforms its Riverfronts

Imagine two vibrant waterfronts in Philadelphia, lined with trails and greenways, dotted with parks, the adjacent neighborhoods bustling with walkable residential communities, shops and restaurants, as well as new offices and light industry. This vision is what many city officials, nonprofit groups and citizens are trying to create along the…Read more

Philly's Northern Liberties: Technology Drives Neighborhood Renaissance

Learn how Philadelphia's Northern Liberties community isn't stopping with their own highly successful neighborhood transformation: they are looking to help others do the same. It's difficult to imagine how one Apple computer, tucked away in a cavernous, once-abandoned warehouse in Philadelphia's historic Northern Liberties district, has anything to do with…Read more

Urban Planning
From Galvanized Steel to Greensgrow Garden: An Urban Fairy-Tale With a Green Ending

To call Mary Seton-Corboy a “gardener” is like calling Christopher Columbus a “sailor”: an accurate, yet vastly understated job description. Just over 10 years ago, when most saw this trash-strewn property in Philadelphia's Kensington section overgrown with weeds and contaminated with who-knows-what, Corboy saw the perfect location for the green…Read more

View from the Field
Going With the Flow: The Shifting Focus of Redevelopments

Brownfields have not disappeared in the recession and economic downturn—just the conventional funding has disappeared. The more traditional opportunities, such as mixed-use developments or new retail in beautiful old buildings, have given way to a new development focus.The new focus considers entrepreneurial uses based on current society needs. For example,…Read more

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