• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


October 2016

Brownfields, Infill Development and Economic Renewal
Access & Accessibility
Brownfields, Infill Development and Economic Renewal

Located in east-central Illinois near the Indiana border, approximately 130 miles south of Chicago, the city of Danville began as an industrial center. Like many U.S. cities, economic changes at the global, national and local levels led to closures and significant declines in the city's predominately industrial economic base. For…Read more

Chicago TOD Strategies: Sum Of Parts Equal, Greater Than The Whole
Chicago TOD Strategies: Sum Of Parts Equal, Greater Than The Whole

Often times when we think of the concept of transit-oriented development (TOD), it's the "development" portion of the term that gets the most focus. While transit is the impetus for the concept, just read a series of news articles regarding TOD and one comes away thinking development is the driving…Read more

Historic Sibley Mill Site Transforms to Cyber Technology Center
Historic Sibley Mill Site Transforms to Cyber Technology Center

As certain industries have closed, new ones reflecting the economy of the 21st Century are taking their place. Such is the case with Cape Augusta Digital Properties in its effort to build, own and operate a data center and develop a cyber-technology park at Sibley Millin Augusta, Ga., a Brownfields…Read more

Perspective: Is Climate Changing for Brownfields and Redevelopment?

A Brownfield redevelopment project requires the following: land (impaired) a regulatory body, a regulated entity (developer) and people—people that live next to and near the project property, people that will live in, work at or visit the reinvented property when the project is complete. A successful Brownfield redevelopment project requires…Read more

Historic Train Depot Transformation

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's (TDEC) Division of Underground Storage Tanks has been involved in the transformation of an historic Washington County property that previously served as a train depot in the 1800s and an auto center in the 1960s. Today, the Yee-Haw Brewing Co. Taproom and White…Read more

Residential / Mixed Use
Environmental Risk Management and Brownfields

Brownfield redevelopment has surged again in recent years. And with as many as 425,000 brownfields throughout the U.S., there remains significant redevelopment opportunity. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) notes that there are five million acres of abandoned industrial sites in our nation,s cities. Brownfields remain in many instances a better…Read more

Urban Planning
Equity Crowdfunding Opens Doors

What if the members of a community, from all backgrounds and income brackets, could pool all of their money together to create the community they wanted? Redevelopment leaders in Fairmont, West Va. are looking for ways to answer that question, to find ways for interested stakeholders to invest in projects…Read more

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