• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

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February 2017

Brushy Mountain: 'End of the Line' Gets New Beginning
Economic Development
Brushy Mountain: 'End of the Line' Gets New Beginning

In rural Morgan County, Tenn., a plan has developed that will bring economic development, tourism, and sustainability to the area. The Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary was decommissioned after 113 years of operation, but new plans for the facility include a moonshine distillery, a brewery, a museum, walking trails and a…Read more

Five Questions Before Selling Contaminated Brownfields for Redevelopment
Environmental Due Diligence
Five Questions Before Selling Contaminated Brownfields for Redevelopment

Before selling your contaminated property to a Brownfield developer there are at least five burning questions that have to be addressed. Deterred by the fear of future liability or high cleanup costs, many corporations are compelled to leave contaminated Brownfield properties dormant for years or even decades. It is estimated…Read more

Trump Priorities: Are There Opportunities for Brownfields?
Legislative Briefs
Trump Priorities: Are There Opportunities for Brownfields?

Suppose that you were in a position to advise President Trump on his domestic agenda. The President has made it clear that he has at least three top priorities in the area of jobs and economic development: spurring domestic manufacturing, encouraging "re-shoring" of U.S. business operations and investing in infrastructure.…Read more

Metal Recycling Initiative Magnet For New Jobs

We all know the cardinal rule of industrial redevelopment: To return underutilized properties to productive use while providing jobs and a new tax base. The rule is once again coming to fruition, and this time in Pontiac, Mich., where a metals manufacturer with a global vision is nevertheless staying true…Read more

Public/Private Partnership
Get That Shovel Ready

Back in the day—when the Federal government focused more on interstate highways and defense and left other affairs to the people or the states, citizens and local government relied more on their own ingenuity than the largess of elected officials and programs. A locality's fate was accurately perceived as being…Read more

Rural Redevelopment
Adaptive Reuse: Catalyst to Create Cultural Destinations

When you take a guided tour in Chicago, your docent may take you to places where you can walk, drink or dine where Al Capone and other mid-20th century mobsters did. Places like the Green Mill in Uptown and the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel in the South Loop allow you to…Read more

Urban Planning
Chicago's Winning 'Alter-Ego'

Some may beg to differ, but the city of Chicago needs some love. The sustained and troubling violence engulfing the city for far too long now hasn't relented much. It's produced a large black eye on this Midwestern burgh. It's not the be-all and end-all of what transpires there: The…Read more

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