• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


October 2007

Art and Artifacts Add Appeal to Redevelopments

As brownfield revitalization has vaulted into fashion this decade, two areas of opportunity for enrichment remain largely untapped, even as trailblazers show how these elements can add huge value to a rehab or a new project. The first area is the restoration of industrial equipment and artifacts that preserve a…Read more

Brownfield Sustainability Metrics

What we measure is what we think about, and we think about what we measure. Most people reading this magazine would agree that brownfield development is good, and sustainable brownfield development is better. So what sustainable aspects of a brownfield development should we measure? The answers depend on your perspective…Read more

Brownfields: Fundamentally Sustainable, But Truly Sustainable?

Even though the concept of sustainability was born in the late 1970s, today it seems that everyone from movie stars to large corporations to government and nongovernment organizations, and, yes, even brownfield redevelopers, are touting and promoting the concept of sustainability. But how truly sustainable is all this valiant new…Read more

How Motown Got Its Groove Back

Rivard Plaza, along a stretch of Detroit's revitalized riverfront.(PHOTO CREDIT: JJR.) Detroit may very well be the true Rocky Balboa of American cities. Just when you think it’s down for the count, the battered metropolis stumbles to its feet from the blood-stained canvas, fearless and focused and ready for another…Read more

Green & LEED
Brownfields to Green Buildings: Maximizing Sustainability

An important strength of brownfield redevelopment has always been its contribution to sustainability—reusing contaminated land makes great sense as an alternative to sprawl. As concerns about global warming fuel interest in everything that saves energy and reduces carbon footprint, the brownfield market has a unique opportunity to expand by maximizing…Read more

Green & LEED
Chicago Helps Green Development

Sustainability and green design are key to the redevelopment of brownfields within the City of Chicago. It is not enough to redevelop properties using standard architectural design and construction practices which do nothing to provide healthier environments, reduce operating costs, or conserve energy and resources. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley…Read more

Industrial Redevelopment
STAMP: Industry Revival in a Classic Chicago Neighborhood

Historical view of the West Pullman Industrial Redevelopment Area. In its heyday, the area was home to industrial and manufacturing giants such as International Harvester, Ingersoll, Dutch Boy, and Libby´s. The City of Chicago hopes to reinvigorate industry growth in the area. Few other cities have had their industrial past…Read more

Legislative Briefs
Welcome to the Class of 2020

I recently sent my second child off to college. When we arrived on campus, there were signs posted that read, “Welcome to the Class of 2011.” Similarly, in May of 2007, EPA and the states officially welcomed many new RCRA facilities into the RCRA Baseline Universe or the Class of…Read more

The Cost of Building Green

The redevelopment of contaminated sites has clearly moved into the mainstream of public consciousness. Increased public awareness of the environment and the increased emphasis on urban infill redevelopment have caused a seismic shift in how the public views the benefits of recycling our industrial past. This awareness extends to the…Read more

Regional Report
Biloxi Brownfields Workshop

On Aug. 11, 2007, more than 25 people gathered at the Faith Tabernacle Church in Biloxi, Miss., for the Southern Mississippi Community Brownfields Workshop, one in a series of “Brownfields 101” workshops being organized by the Center for Public Environmental Oversight (CPEO) across the country. The Mississippi Department of Environmental…Read more

Regional Report
Forgotten Industrial Site Goes High Tech

September, a host of scientists, students and officials from all levels of government gathered to celebrate the opening of Gateway Park, a new life sciences and bioengineering center in Worcester, Mass. The center, part of a $75 million project headed by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and the Worcester Business…Read more

Regional Report
Lear Headquarters Drives Business Revitalization

The $70 million expansion of automotive supplier Lear Corporation’s corporate headquarters and technical center on Telegraph Road in Southfield, Mich., is a brownfield redevelopment that has sparked the revitalization of a busy industrial corridor and greatly enhanced its appearance. And it showcases Michigan as the state that pioneered brownfield incentives…Read more

Regional Report
Mending Mines for Sustainable Living

Dos Lagos, in Corona, Calif., is a 543-acre, highly integrated, pedestrian-oriented community that blends a variety of land uses in a dynamic and self-sustaining environment. The Dos Lagos master developer, SE Corp., planned the mixed-use community to reclaim the former Owens Illinois silica and sand mining site. Active mining of…Read more

Regional Report
Ontario’s AHP Brownfields Initiative: A Closer Look

Municipalities all across Ontario play reluctant host to brownfields. These sites are often in older urban areas and represent an opportunity to create density in urban centers. The strongest demand for affordable housing is often in these same areas, which are close to services, transit and other urban amenities. The…Read more

Special Focus
Chalking Up a Win for Voluntary Cleanup

A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling should have many brownfield developers breathing a collective sigh of relief. As a result of the decision in the United States v. Atlantic Research Corp., it looks as though developers who are willing to take a proactive approach to the voluntary cleanup of contaminated…Read more

Special Focus
Doing the Deal on a Landfill Redevelopment Project

Through this series of articles, you know that there have been many successful projects constructed on closed landfills throughout the U.S. But getting the deal done for these projects is a unique and challenging process. Purchase price, permitting and liability all play a role, of course, just as they would…Read more

Special Focus
Doug Scott: A Profile in Environmental Courage

It all began with an old tire. Well, an old tire and a man passionate about cleaning up his hometown. Doug Scott was a fresh-faced law school grad when he took a job with the city attorney’s office in Rockford, Ill. Though he had been interested in the environment since…Read more

Special Focus
Outdrawing the Hired Gun

“Recommended Practices for Design Professionals Engaged as Experts in the Resolution of Construction Industry Disputes.” Chances are you’ve never heard of it, even though it’s probably the most widely endorsed such document ever produced by the construction industry. Created in 1987, “Recommended Practices” has been endorsed by 37 prominent organizations,…Read more

View from the Field
Need for a Brownfield Professional Certification Program

A technical brownfield certification presents tangible benefits to consumers, society and certificate holders. A meaningful certification program will facilitate client selection of a qualified person for their project, enhance EPA’s definition of an environmental professional and foster education to advance the brownfield profession. Such a program is needed to uphold…Read more

Woman on the Move: Rosanne Sanchez

Sometimes visionaries fall into their roles accidentally. Take Phoenix Brownfields Project Manager Rosanne Sanchez, for instance. After studying business and marketing at the University of New Mexico, she landed a job as project manager of a small environmental consulting firm. She then moved to a larger firm for which she…Read more

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