• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


May 2016

Building on Momentum: Setting Stage for Downtown Knoxville’s Future
Access & Accessibility
Building on Momentum: Setting Stage for Downtown Knoxville’s Future

Originally built to accommodate large railway hubs, Knoxville, Tenn. currently brings together three of the nation’s busiest interstate highways: North–south I-75 and I-81 and east–west I-40. These highways converge at or near downtown Knoxville, providing easy access to the city center but also forming physical barriers around the city. More…Read more

Making Might Out of Blight
Making Might Out of Blight

Photo courtesy of Vai Tsuji/Flickr B-A-D: The acronym accurately reflects the condition as it relates to brownfield properties. In the redevelopment world, BAD stands for Blighted, Abandoned and Dilapidated—as in buildings that predominantly represent eyesores and public hazards in the urban infill. It's not a GOOD omen for many civic…Read more

Is The Chicago O'Hare Corridor Ready for Takeoff?
Is The Chicago O'Hare Corridor Ready for Takeoff?

Photo courtesy of Ken Lund/Flickr People—particularly millennials—are a mercurial lot. They'll tell you that living and working in an urban setting is now en vogue—until it's not en vogue anymore. They'll switch their allegiances to the suburbs or exurbs, where the air is fresher and the mind can function more…Read more

Green & LEED
Life of a Consultant — Crisis du Jour Management

As a consultant that has been in the environmental business for over 20 years and is looking forward to retirement soon, you would expect that I would not be surprised anymore. You would be very wrong. In this business surprises are not only a given, they are the standard fare…Read more

The Barrel House Distilling: Cheers To Historic Preservation

Kentucky has long been famous for two of its industries—breeding fast horses and producing fine bourbon. The horse farms are still turning out winners, and the number of distilleries continues to expand around the Commonwealth. While some of the distilleries have been operating for decades and have hundreds of employees,…Read more

Vision v. Hallucination: Incremental Brownfield Problem-Solving

I had lunch the other day in a very cool reinvention of an old theater on a strip of forgotten street in one of the most sought after cities in the world. As I did, I thought about Brownfields. An unusual reflection only for people outside our industry, the musing…Read more

Rural Redevelopment
Mid-Market Brownfield Redevelopment in Canada

Everyone knows that redevelopment of brownfields is becoming increasingly justifiable from an economic viewpoint, provided the local market is "hot" enough, and this is generally the case in major urban areas. But what about mid-market areas, where the demand for property (and therefore the price) is not so high? How…Read more

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