• Rockford, Ill.: Modernizing a Century–Old Community Landmark

  • RE3 Focus: Pennoni On Leading Edge of Sub-Slab Depressurization

  • Using GIS To Decipher Large-Scale Remediation Projects

  • Right Place, Right Time


June 2016

Curtains In Kentucky: Columbia Theatre A Paducah Jewel
Access & Accessibility
Curtains In Kentucky: Columbia Theatre A Paducah Jewel

In 1927, the Columbia Theatre opened in Paducah, Ky., with the movie "It" starring Clara Bow. The majestic theatre, which had a main ground floor theatre and a smaller one on the second floor, was modeled after the Rialto Theatre in Louisville, and presented both vaudeville acts and movies. The…Read more

Once Left For Dead, Overland Park (OH) Site Humming
Economic Development
Once Left For Dead, Overland Park (OH) Site Humming

This past March, a Renewal and Redevelopment article ("Toledo's Economic Heart is Beating Again") described how the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority was transforming a contaminated former Jeep factory site in North Toledo into the modern Overland Industrial Park. In mid May, Jim Kansichas, CEO of Dana Corp., announced that a…Read more

A Step Toward Renewal
A Step Toward Renewal

“They stopped thinking about it as me and started thinking about it as we.” Two years ago, community members in Fairmont, West Va. decided to address the significant number of abandoned buildings in the city by forming a Brownfields, Abandoned, and Dilapidated (BAD) Buildings Team, supported with technical assistance from…Read more

Area-Wide Approach Begets Visionary Game-Planning

The concept of area-wide brownfield redevelopment seems to make sense. If a neighborhood, especially one with low-income habitants or minorities, has a number of contaminated sites, shouldn't there be a way to clean them up and improve the community? Shouldn't a plan for remediating brownfields and improving the community be…Read more

Public Govt. & Institutions
On The Waterfront: Chicago's Navy Pier At A Crossroads

Water is powerful. The rip tide warnings that went into effect off the Carolina and Virginia coasts around Memorial Day weekend proved this fact, packing a relentless power to pull unwitting swimmers out to sea. Water has another brand of kinetic strength: It's a multi-faceted economic driver for a metropolitan…Read more

Urban Planning
Granite Crossing: Big Step In Small Community's Re-growth

Lithonia, Georgia, is a small community of fewer than 2,000 residents in DeKalb County, 19 miles east of Atlanta. The area is known for its abundance of granite, including nearby Stone Mountain, which is composed largely of a granite rock called Lithonia gneiss. Rock quarries, however, have not been enough…Read more

Waterfront Redevelopment
On The Waterfront: A Business and Commerce Driver

The new generation design standard for urban waterfront communities shows a trend toward multi-phase developments. In addition, urban waterfront also serves as a mighty tourist draw for a good many local and global tourists as witnessed by the annual growth of Chicago’s Navy Pier—as the companion feature story on Waterfronts…Read more

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